About Adora Products Pvt. Ltd.



About us

1.1         M/s ADORA PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. is a Private Limited company (Dedicated Beta Lactam Unit) serving as a Contract Manufacturing Organization manufacturing quality pharmaceutical formulations. 

1.2         The Manufacturing site is located at Waluj MIDC Industrial Area, 16Kms from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

1.3         This place is well connected with other cities as the nearest conveyance are AurangabadAirport at Chikalthana, Aurangabad Railway Station and Aurangabad Central Bus Stand.

1.4         The company is promoted by a team of qualified,  experienced techonocarts and experienced bussinessmen having a sound finanical background.

The manufacturing site is located on an plane ground in MIDC industrial area, the immediate vicinity is free of any signs of airborne or water borne pollution. The plot is well enclosed. There are industrial units on nearby plots. The units located at some distance are not generating any pollutants, fumes, gases